Carers Denmark

Carers Denmark is an ambitious new association which was formally founded on 31st May 2014. We believe that Denmark needs an organization that speaks for carers, and there is need for a place where carers can find the knowledge and support we need to be better at looking after our sick loved ones, and better at looking after ourselves too. The aim of Danish Carers is

  • to raise awareness of carers’ condition and contribution
  • to offer information and tools that enable carers to care
  • to gather knowledge about carers’ needs and to suggest how these needs can be met
  • to cooperate with national and local politicians on initiatives for carers
  • to help carers get better at looking after themselves and at overcoming difficult situations
  • to work for the health and wellbeing of carers
  • to support networking between carers for mutual support

Read our press release about the health of carers and how caring can seriously damage your health: Carers Denmark Press Release health